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Ian James Wood


Maltby, Wa


Capita, Picture Organic, Zeal, Pow Gloves, Karakoram

My Idol is


Pepsi or Coke?

I dont drink pop. That stuff is bad for you!!!!

Favorite Meal

Anything my mom cooks!

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An Amazing Himalayan Adventure

We got a little taste of Ian's exploits in India with the article the New York Times put out earlier this year. Well, it turns out that the video of it just dropped and saying it is enjoyable is a spectacular understatement.

TREW Outerwear: Ian Wood

Ian Go take a peak at Woo's profile on the Trew Outerwear team page here!

Trew is an upcoming outerwear brand and it looks like they offer some quality gear prepped for the Northwest shred. Way to go Woo!

Ian in New Zealand!

Ian Wood is currently down under shredding big mountains with the World Heli Challenge. Big props to Woo for making this one happen, it sure looks like a life-changing experience! Update by Tech Support: Ian took home 6th place. Not bad against names like Will Jackways and Antti Autti. Here is also a vid of Ian and some of the other riders mountain biking to kill some time. Last but not least, there is another vid that details the event and features some commentary by Ian himself. Unfortunately, It doesn't embed very well, so you can see it over on the Hot Lava website. Click here and check it out.

Stevens Pass Powder Dreams

Here sums up the 2012-2013 season for me and my friends boardin' at our beloved Stevens Pass. Had the pleasure of riding with legends, up-n-comers, and not-so-ordinary locs, all of who I consider my true friends. Thanks to all of you for a super radical season!

Ian vs. Ryan on Yobeat: The People's Court

Ian Wood takes on his best bud and roommate Ryan McGlaughin in this week's People's Court on YoBeat. Both dudes are local to Stevens Pass, inventors of The Hot Lava Crew, and they filmed these parts together. Mad props to both homies as they kill all NW pow! SPSS Rider: Ian Wood Ryan McGlaughin Go vote here ::> http://www.yobeat.com/2013/04/25/peoples-court-ian-wood-vs-ryan-mclaughlin/