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Sunday Fun Day at Timberline

http://www.vimeo.com/22660331 I went to Timberline at Mt Hood a couple weeks ago, shredding with Jeff Rudinski, Adam Fleck, and Enzo. I know what your thinking, "Man, this guy is lazy... Taking a couple weeks to put together a tiny little edit... Pfft" Well, you might have a point there. But the relevance of the edit is magnified by the fact that Stevens Pass is now closed and Timberline is offering a $100 spring pass that lasts until the end of May. Get yourself a spring pass, and you will have ridden its value within one weekend. Sounds like a deal to me. -Chris Griffing The song is "Carry On/Questions" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. One of their greats before their Neil Young downfall.

Park day: April the 8th

Matt Wainhouse put together this awesome little edit from last Friday's sunny park session. Featuring riding by Team riders(In order of appearance): Jeff Rudinski,Tony Richards, Kevin Hanson, Megan Ginter, Matt Wainhouse, Jonah Schlicker, Chris Griffing, and Travis Claughton There are a few more people thrown in there, like Mike Kehoe and Roy Barron. Sorry to the other guys I didn't recognize.

Rome Snowboards Shop Guy of The Week

Rome Snowboards gave me a little interview for their website. Check it out here!

Nick and I GoPro the Duff

These are the good ol' days.... when there was snow! This was filmed one day at Meadows early March.  Duffman was there and now he went away.... oh rainy day. http://vimeo.com/21712029 Music: Roger

Night Pow Slashin At Mt Hood Meadows

After an already fun and exhausting day, and time spent at Charlie's Bar, Fleck and I go for more. The footage is grainy, someone probably already used this song for there part, and no banger hammers..... Just doing what we all wish we could be doing.... Slashing pow under clear skies at night on an uncrowded mountain.
Filmed By Adam Fleck
Edited By Me