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Mt Baker SeshUp 2018

The 14th (2018) Annual Mt Baker Seshup went down June 2nd. Here's a couple video recaps of the party ~~ Video by Jeremy Dubs Helicopter manned by Tarek Snowboarder Magazine Article The Snowboarder's Journal Article + Video

Jah Park

Jah Park session this week with Peppa, Kenny, DLev, Mary, Jonah, Trevor, Bos, Sweetin, TClaught, and more!

HBC Friday: Jonah Schlicker

Shop homie Jonah takes a walk with you through the parks at Stevens this past Friday before the rain storm. Edit by Bryan Olsen and the HBC crew!

Timberline Flow

The other week Jonah, Wain and Tone took a trip down to visit The Viking down at Mt Hood. The Timberline park is fun, quick, flowy and jammed packed with features. The sun was out all 3 days and the GoPro came out for the 2nd half of the trip. This is what we came up with.. They have tons of snow and will be running all summer so head on down there to have some fun. Shout out to former Stevens Pass park manager BStan for doing a great job down there.

Capita NW Edit

http://youtu.be/JCtaPHCattg Here's a Capita NW regional rider edit from last season... I think it was supposed to be in the bonus section of DoA but not sure if it ever made it. Anyway it includes myself, Jonah, Penny and Travis. The footy of the youngsters is from an average/fun day of snowboarding so just wait to see how hard they kill it when they actually try. Enjoy!