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Eric Miller's April Monthtage

What else is there to say? Eric Miller put out another great edit. It has powder days. It has slush days. What an April! Some standout shots by team riders: Matt Wainhouse, Kevin Hanson, Jordon Frager, and Jesse Park.

Eric Miller's March Monthtage

Here comes another solid edit from Eric Miller. This one features a bevy of quality park riding from several shop riders and friends of the shop. Some of the riders to look for: Matt Wainhouse / Jordon Frager / Kevin Hanson / Ryan Browne / Jonah Schlicker / Travis Claughton / Dan Poole Music: "Don't Come Around" by Yo Gotti

Eric Miller's February Monthtage

February was a good month. This edit exemplifies that notion with some great riding and filming. Keep an eye out for shots from team riders Joe Bosler, Jordon Frager, and Matt Wainhouse.

Eric Miller's January Monthtage

It has been a worse winter than average, but you wouldn't be able to tell from this edit by Eric Miller. Featuring team riders: Joe Bosler, Jordon Frager, Jonah Schlicker, Trevor Schy, Ian Wood, and Matt Wainhouse.

December Monthtage

The local homies have been making the most of a 39 inch season. Check out what they've done so far.. Featuring: Bos, Frags, Wain, Kevin, Peppa, Jonah, Claught, RoHo, Marvin, TK, Max, Connelly, and the McColls Edit by local magician: Eric Miller