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Matt Penny


Wenatchee, Wa


Capita, Union, Coal, Von Zipper, Nike Snowboarding, Casual Industries, Defcon, Superfeet

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Penny Bros at Mission

Matty P and his big brother Josh grew up riding here at Mission Ridge. Often the only place in the NorthWest where you will find sunshine and powder on the same day. Damn that place looks fun...


Powderhounds Matt Penny and Travis Leamer shredding up and down our beloved mountain last weekend. These boys are straight killing the deep pow, cliff drops, trees, and overall winning in the style category. It's real good out there people and it is deeeep so ride with your friends!

Penny At The Launch

Penny boostin Matt Penny was shredding Snowboarder Magazine's "The Launch" last week down at Big Bear Mtn, California. The Launch is Snowboarder Mags "superpark" for all rippers 18 and under.. although still recovering from an injury, Matt Penny deservingly showed up for his 2nd season in a row. He's got a shot in the Day 1 edit throwing a big ol Michaelchuck right in the camera man's face. Way to go Penny! Your reppin' it for the shop very well homie.. And Matt.. I encourage you to elaborate on this post as well..

Capita NW Edit

http://youtu.be/JCtaPHCattg Here's a Capita NW regional rider edit from last season... I think it was supposed to be in the bonus section of DoA but not sure if it ever made it. Anyway it includes myself, Jonah, Penny and Travis. The footy of the youngsters is from an average/fun day of snowboarding so just wait to see how hard they kill it when they actually try. Enjoy!

Mission Accomplished.

Last week, when the conditions were safe we took a little trip out to Rooster Comb. Our all star crew consisted of: Ian Wood,the guide; Matt Penny,the future superstar; and me, Matt Wainhouse, the lurker. Anyway it was Penny's first time up there as well as my first time to the zones we rode.. so at times we may have been a bit timid. [gallery link="file" orderby="ID"] Rooster Comb can be very dangerous on days with high avy conditions. It's probably best to never go out there alone. Or at all. We took all precautions before dropping in. Luckily only a thin layer of the snow would sluff this day. Our mission was accomplished to get the future star out in the Stevens BC with us for a day and he killed it! Unfortunately after all this epic pow Penny destroyed, he had to go hurt himself in the park! Damnit Matt! Get better soon homie..