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Goldbar WA, 98251
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Matt Penny


Wenatchee, Wa


Capita, Union, Coal, Von Zipper, Nike Snowboarding, Casual Industries, Defcon, Superfeet

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Laps at the Pass with Penny TWO

New Stevens park edit from Langer  featuring Matt Penny and shop homies! All filmed in one day. Unfortunately Penny gets spanked at the end and battling his way back to the hill.. Stay Up. Other riders: Dan Poole, Travis Claughton and Matt Wainhouse

Laps at the Pass with Penny

One of the best park edits I've seen out of Stevens Pass.. Here we got Matt Penny and Travis Claughton shutting down all the features of the SP Park. My two favorite shots are at 1:26 - Penny boardslide 270 out, and 1:43 - Captain with the front cork 7 over the entire hip. Killing it. Video by Langer.

Penny Bros at Mission

Matty P and his big brother Josh grew up riding here at Mission Ridge. Often the only place in the NorthWest where you will find sunshine and powder on the same day. Damn that place looks fun...


Powderhounds Matt Penny and Travis Leamer shredding up and down our beloved mountain last weekend. These boys are straight killing the deep pow, cliff drops, trees, and overall winning in the style category. It's real good out there people and it is deeeep so ride with your friends!

Matt Penny + Bear Mtn

Sunshine and slush.. SoCal boardin'. Check out some of Penny's shredding down at Bear Mtn the other week. (With a couple shots at Stevens - big contrast) Looks like a lot of fun down there.. 16 year old Matt Penny rides for C3, Nike, VZ, Casual and of course SPSS. Be on the look out for Matt in the future as he is just gettin' started...