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Albert Einstein

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BS 180 Method

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Teriyaki chicken wit that white rice

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Mt Baker SeshUp 2018

The 14th (2018) Annual Mt Baker Seshup went down June 2nd. Here's a couple video recaps of the party ~~ Video by Jeremy Dubs Helicopter manned by Tarek Snowboarder Magazine Article The Snowboarder's Journal Article + Video

Travis Claughton 2015

Travis spent 10 days out in cooke city with Sean Fithian, Matt Wainhouse, Ian Wood and an assortment of homies riding some jumps, lines, and blower pow. He came away with some pretty slick shit. Be on the look out for him next season!

Slaying Mission Ridge

Garrett Read and Ford Sorita put together an awesome video from some days at Mission Ridge. Travis, Derrek, Kenny and Trevor all have standout parts.

Stevens Pass Powder Dreams

Here sums up the 2012-2013 season for me and my friends boardin' at our beloved Stevens Pass. Had the pleasure of riding with legends, up-n-comers, and not-so-ordinary locs, all of who I consider my true friends. Thanks to all of you for a super radical season!

Laps at the Pass with Penny

One of the best park edits I've seen out of Stevens Pass.. Here we got Matt Penny and Travis Claughton shutting down all the features of the SP Park. My two favorite shots are at 1:26 - Penny boardslide 270 out, and 1:43 - Captain with the front cork 7 over the entire hip. Killing it. Video by Langer.