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Slaying Mission Ridge

Garrett Read and Ford Sorita put together an awesome video from some days at Mission Ridge. Travis, Derrek, Kenny and Trevor all have standout parts.

Jah Park

Jah Park session this week with Peppa, Kenny, DLev, Mary, Jonah, Trevor, Bos, Sweetin, TClaught, and more!

Mission Rope Tow Boardin'

Hey guess what? Mission Ridge just put in a sweet new rope tow this season right up the jib park! You can go boarding all day without unstrapping and get all of those tricks that you've had in mind dialed. Trevor Schy, Kevin Hanson and Bart Patitucci show you how it's done in this single-tape edit.

Couple Park Edits

The other week some of the shop shreds hit up Snoqualmie and destroyed their park. This edit was made by shop dude Roy Barron - his first he's ever made. Props to Roy for the sweet edit and to Kevin, Trevor, Dan, Travis, Tony and Roy for looking good on camera! That park looks like a lot of fun! And here is a quick edit from a few laps last sunday through the Stevens Pass terrain park. Features Roy, Marvin, Kevin, Tony, TClaught and other friends..

E-Mill Webisode 3

Eric Miller's webisode numero tres. Lapping features at the top of the park and down through Brennan's Trail. Featured friends and riders; Kevin Hanson, Bart Patitucci, Jesse Park, Tyson Rickman, Trevor Schy, and Mike Kehoe. Dope riding, filming and editing. Rad all around!