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Recent Blog Posts:

Making the best of it

It hasn't been the winter we were hoping for, but the SPSS team is making the best of it. Check out this entertaining edit.

Slaying Mission Ridge

Garrett Read and Ford Sorita put together an awesome video from some days at Mission Ridge. Travis, Derrek, Kenny and Trevor all have standout parts.

Kevin Hanson's Full Part from the 13-14 Season

"Kenny" brings us an awesome part with laid back music and riding that isn't quite so laid back. Seriously, watch for those rail transfers. Filmed by: Garrett Read and Ford Sorita

The Spiritual Intoxication by Volcom

Shredding, skating, surfing, its all in there and it is all filmed superbly. Since Luminous Llama, I have been a huge fan of Volcom's video/editing style.

Derrek Lever @ HCSC

Celsius Snow put together a quick edit from this summer at High Cascade featuring a few clips of Derrek. Watch it and check out some Celsius Gloves this fall at the shop!