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Mt Baker SeshUp 2018

The 14th (2018) Annual Mt Baker Seshup went down June 2nd. Here's a couple video recaps of the party ~~ Video by Jeremy Dubs Helicopter manned by Tarek Snowboarder Magazine Article The Snowboarder's Journal Article + Video And while we're at it, here are a few videos from years past. This event is always one of the most fun days on snow and yah better not miss it ever again! 2017 Video by Eddie Hayes 2016 Video by Johan Malkoski 2014 Video by Snowboarder Magazine (Skip to 9 minutes to see the action) And last but not least, a couple 2009 Videos with an incredible soundtrack The weekend of the Mt. Baker Sesh Up 09 from Tony Gallina on Vimeo.

SPSS Team Edit

Our team is made up of all local riders that over the years have gotten damn good on a snowboard. Check it out and be on the look out for more to come this season

Skull Mountain The Movie

Austen Sweetin made a video from boreal with some really innovative maneuvers and good old fashion boarding.

1817 Promo

  The 1817 Promo showcases a variaty of riders from all over who are all down for the cause, including our shop rider Kevin Hanson. Give it a watch and get hyped to go board!

Travis Claughton 2015

Travis spent 10 days out in cooke city with Sean Fithian, Matt Wainhouse, Ian Wood and an assortment of homies riding some jumps, lines, and blower pow. He came away with some pretty slick shit. Be on the look out for him next season!